5 Ways to Decorate Your Windows for Halloween

Like many other yearly occasions, Halloween is a great time to decorate your home in a unique yet scary way. This day is not about flowers and ribbons; in fact it is contrary to it. It’s all about zombies, scary eyes, cobwebs and other stuff like this.

You need to make your house look spooky in order to attract more people towards it. They won’t come in until or unless they feel that the exterior is haunting. To give the house a creepy makeover, work on the decoration on windows. Below are a five easy ways to decorate the windows for Halloween without spending fortunes.

1. Drench in blood window. Take a fine paper of just the size of your window. Spray it all in blood red color and illustrate a figure on it of a murderer holding an axe. This horrifying combination of black and red will look spectacular for Halloween. Paste it up on your window, the sketch on the outer side of window.

2. Cobwebs! These add to the classy elegance eek of the Halloween day. They can be made using wires and stuck on a top corner of a window frame on the outside.

3. Face cut in pumpkin. You have seen pumpkins cut in a way to make spooky faces out of them. Applying this on windows can give amazing look to your house. Use a cardboard which tightly fits into your window. The window must be suitable to adjust a jack-o-lantern. Cut out the face and let the light shine out of it.

4. Scary Eyes. This decoration is very easy to make. You need a pitch black paper on which you can make eyes using a material which glows in dark.

5. Zombie peeping out. Decorate your window in a way that it seems as if a zombie is peeking out of the blinds.

In these ways you can decorate your windows for Halloween in an innovative way.

Ten Ways to Decorate your Windows

Windows can be a stunning focal point at your home if decorated smartly and beautifully. It is not necessary to go hard on your pocket by purchasing expensive stuff for decorating your windows. By being in touch with latest trends and the right sense of fashion; you can make your home look up to date as well as expensive. We have come up with ten amazing ways to decorate your windows.

  1. If your family room has huge windows than the best way to beautify them is to hang heavy stripped draperies over bamboo blinds. Do not forget to keep the furniture light.
  2. Controlling light as well as decorating your porch in an inexpensive way can be done by covering your windows with soft colored bamboo shades.
  3. For small windows in your home you can use swing arm curtains. These are not only innovative but add a stylish flair to your little window.
  4. Malachite patterned shades are something really classy for your front parlor at home.
  5. Decorate your plain glass windows by hanging paintings in front of them.
  6. Simple white bedroom shades can get the classic look by adding a clear border of the theme color of your room which will compliment the entire place.
  7. When fretwork panels are added to your living room’s windows; they create beautiful geometric patterns yet ensures privacy.
  8. Give your dining room a luxurious feel by adding extra-full silk curtains and let them puddle on the floor.
  9. Add feminine touch to your kitchen curtains by adding ribbons tied in bows at the bottom.
  10. Cover your home office windows with simple white yet smartly patterned curtains and leave few inches at the top to let the light in.

With the right choice of curtains, shades patterns and colors you can always add to the gorgeousness of you room’s windows.

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